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Some spots left!!!

We're still looking for participants for the Gobbler Games!

Most of the Cardinal Cup levels are full (see teams below), but Squirt B and PeeWee B still have spots!

More places to stay!

2021-22 Sun Prairie Cardinal Cup Tournaments

More Cardinal Cups coming up...

We would like to thank you for considering one of our youth hockey tournaments. We hope you choose to participate in one of our Cardinal Cup Tournaments – now our 42nd year of hosting such events and our ninth year in our new two-sheet state-of-the-art arena! 

On this website you will find details regarding our tournaments along with the necessary information to register your team, as it becomes available, for the 2021-22 season.
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR OUT-OF-STATE TEAMS: PLEASE contact the tournament director ( PRIOR to registration to ensure you are registering for the correct level tournament.  
PLEASE NOTE: Any registrations that are cancelled for any reason cannot have the processing fee refunded from online registration. Only the tournament fee (minus $50) will be refunded when necessary. Cancellation policies apply.

2021-22 Sun Prairie Cardinal Cup Tournaments

Level Teams Cost Date
Half-Ice Mite Gobbler Games Jamboree (8 & Under) $400 November 27, 2021
Cross-Ice Mini-Mite Gobbler Games Jamboree $250 November 27, 2021
Squirt A - (8th annual Maureen Mengelt Memorial) 8 $750 December 4-5, 2021
Squirt B 8 $750 December 11-12, 2021
Squirt C 8 $750 January 8-9, 2022
PeeWee A - (8th annual Maureen Mengelt Memorial) 8 $825 December 4-5, 2021
PeeWee B 8 $825 December 11-12, 2021
PeeWee C 8 $825 January 8-9, 2022
Bantam A 8 $925 January 21-23, 2022
Bantam B 8 $925 January 21-23, 2022

Tournament Rules

  • No gate fee
  • Minimum 3 games
  • Registration online (see registration links below)
  • Teams must register for their WAHA classification, or they chose to play up, but not down.  Out-of-state teams should contact the tournament director ( for appropriate determination. 
  • Reserve a place for your team with payment.


Registered Teams

Cross-Ice Gobbler Games Mini-Mite Teams Registered

NOV 27 NOV 27 NOV 27
Sun Prairie Mini-Mites 1 McFarland U8 Blue
Sun Prairie Mini-Mites 2 McFarland U8 White
Sun Prairie Mini-Mites 3
Wildcats Mini-Mites 1
Wildcats Mini-Mites 2
Wildcats Mini-Mites 3
Wildcats Mini-Mites 4

Half-Ice Gobbler Games Mite Teams Registered

Mite Red (NOV 27) Mite White (NOV 27) Mite Blue (NOV 27)
Sun Prairie Mite Red Sun Prairie Mite Red Sun Prairie Mite Blue 1
Madison Patriots Mite Red Madison Patriots Mite White Sun Prairie Mite Blue 2
Madison Patriots Mite Blue

Squirt Teams Registered

Squirt A (DEC 4-5) Squirt B (DEC 11-12) Squirt C (JAN 8-9)
Sun Prairie Squirt A Sun Prairie Squirt B Sun Prairie Squirt C1
Oregon Squirt A Middleton Cardinals Squirt B Sun Prairie Squirt C2
Middleton Cardinals Squirt A Ozaukee Squirt B Washington County Ice
Ozaukee Squirt A Manitowoc Breakers Oregon Squirt C
Hudson Raiders Wildcats Squirt B Middleton Cardinals Squirt C
West Madison Polar Caps Waukesha Squirt C Black Verona Wildcats U10 C2
Dubuque Junior Saints SHAW Squirt B Ozaukee Squirt C
Wildcats Squirt A SHAW 10U Squirt C Red

PeeWee Teams Registered

PeeWee A (DEC 4-5) PeeWee B (DEC 11-12) PeeWee C (JAN 8-9)
Sun Prairie PeeWee A Sun Prairie PeeWee B Sun Prairie C1
Oregon PeeWee A Middleton Cardinals PeeWee B Sun Prairie C2
Middleton Cardinals PeeWee A Manitowoc Breakers Middleton Cardinals PeeWee C
Ozaukee PeeWee A Wildcats PeeWee B Ozaukee PeeWee C
DePere Youth Hockey PeeWee A DePere Youth Hockey PeeWee B SHAW 12U PeeWee C Black
Sauk Prairie Wildcats PeeWee C Yellow Elmbrook Eagles 12C1 Blue
Dubuque Junior Saints Patriots PeeWee C2
Wildcats PeeWee A Wildcats PeeWee C Yellow

Bantam Teams Registered

Bantam A (JAN 21-23) Bantam B (JAN 21-23)
Sun Prairie Bantam A Sun Prairie Bantam B
Oregon Bantam A Oregon Bantam B
Middleton Cardinals Bantam A Verona Wildcats Bantam B
Verona Bantam A Iowa City Blizzard Bantam B
Ozaukee Bantam A Springfield Kings Bantam B
DePere Youth Hockey Bantam A Winnetka Warriors Bantam B
Winnetka Warriors Bantam A SHAW Bantam B Black
SHAW Bantam A Wildcat Bantam B Yellow