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SPYHA Return to Play Plan

Please review the new SPYHA Return to Play Plan as well as the revised Sun Prairie Ice Arena Safe Operation Policy for full information about policies all families, coaches and players are expected to adhere to in order to ensure the safest experience possible this season.

Order your Spirit Wear!

The first spirit wear ordering window of the season is open September 21 through October 4 through Elite Embroidery.  Note the website might still say September 27 as the deadline - October 4 is the correct deadline.

Click Here to order your spirit wear today!

Note: warmups are not returnable - please check the size chart before ordering.

We need you!

We're still looking to fill one volunteer position for this season - please notify if you are interested in offering up your talents!

Equipment Room Managers

This committee will be comprised of 2-4 members and will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Inventory and organize all SPYHA-owned equipment, including goalie gear

  • Make sure all equipment is properly used, maintained, and returned at the end of the year

  • Maintain the club’s equipment and ensure that an adequate amount exists and repairs are made as necessary

  • Be responsible for the distribution of equipment to the appropriate club members at the beginning of the season and for its collection and inventorying at the end of the season

  • Advise the Board of Directors when new equipment is needed, and in what quantity

Times of the year when a significant amount of time is required:

  • September/October – distribution of equipment to new/returning/players

  • November/February – Try Hockey for Free events, preparation of equipment for new players over 2 sessions at each event

  • March – return of equipment from families

  • During the season, create a rotating schedule of who is available for emergency needs

Annual FundraisingAs fundraising directly impacts player dues, the Fundraising Committee plays an important role in creating additional fundraising opportunities that will benefit SPYHA and its member families. The Fundraising Committee will direct our annual appeal to businesses, seek grants, oversee promotions, and investigate other promotional activities.

Duties include:

  • brainstorm events or activities that could be used as a fundraising event
  • generate feedback from players and families as to what kind of fundraising efforts they would like to see
  • solicit donations used to enhance fundraising efforts. organize volunteer members for various events, games, etc.
  • select fundraising programs for players to participate
  • administer all details of the fundraiser (set-up, collection, order, delivery, distribution, etc).
  • coordinate with Treasurer on budget, invoicing & collection
  • pursue new and existing sponsors
  • coordinate appropriate advertising for individual sponsors
  • provide communication to SPYHA regarding all fundraising events and details

The annual wreath, cookie, and pizza sales are included in this group’s tasks; annual raffle tickets and SCRIP are not.

COVID Resources Information Page

In order to keep the organization more informed, a COVID Resources page has been posted to provide some background on current conditions.  The page will be updated as conditions change.

Register for Dibs Today!

The new season is fast approaching, so it's time to start thinking about those volunteer hours!  Click the link to register for this year's volunteer session.  After you register, you'll be able to view the new Dibs session in the Dibs tab, and claim items.  Don't see any items in Dibs?  Keep an eye - more are always being added!

Calendar Raffle Winners

March calendar raffle winners are now posted to the calendar raffle page. Congratulations to all the winners! Checks will be mailed to the address that was listed on the raffle ticket that was drawn.

Looking for More Ways to Reduce Dues?

Please see the Scrip program details on the Fundraising page. Get money back for things you are going to buy anyway! Great idea for holiday gift cards and all your usual expenses like groceries and gas. New dates for order deadlines and pickup dates are now available.

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