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Volunteering Information and Registration

2019-2020 Volunteer Hours

SPYHA is using the DIBS system to schedule and manage our volunteer opportunities.

If you had not registered as a volunteer for the 2019-2020 season prior to the 2019-2020 season registration being open, your SportsEngine account will automatically be registered as a volunteer as part of the season registration process.

Important DIBS Note

Please only create one volunteer registration for each family.  For each volunteer shift/duty, simply fill out the name (first AND last, please) and contact information for the volunteer who will be responsible for fulfilling that duty.   Having one person coordinate this for each family makes reconciliation of DIBS hours much simpler.


Do you need concession stand training?  

If you have not yet attended a concession stand training, you MUST attend concession training. Those who wish to have a refresher are welcome as well.

DIBS Cancellation Policy

DIBS shifts that have been claimed may be cancelled a minimum of seven days in advance of the shift. The “cancellation request” must be submitted to the Volunteer Committee in writing (email: The cancellation request is not considered accepted until an affirmative email has been received by the requestor from the Volunteer Committee. Please do not assume that an email has been received: wait for confirmation.

Volunteers who wish to cancel with less than seven days advanced notice must find an appropriate replacement and email the replacement’s name and contact information to the Volunteer Committee (email: The original volunteer will be held responsible for the volunteer time and penalized as a “no-show” if the replacement does not complete the shift as scheduled. In case of illness or emergency, contact the Volunteer Committee as soon as possible BEFORE the shift (

If the volunteer is scheduled for the concession stand and needs to cancel due to illness or emergency, the Concessions Committee also must be contacted at Any exceptions to the DIBS Cancellation Policy requires approval of the SPYHA Board of Directors.

Waivers of “no-show” penalties must be requested in writing and be approved by the SPYHA Board of Directors.


Volunteer Committee

Volunteer Committee

Volunteer Requirements: 2019-2020 Season

Volunteer requirements are per family (NOT per skater), based on the highest level of hockey in the family.  (For example, a family with an ADM player and a Squirt  player is responsible for 30 credits of volunteer time.)  

Again this year we have a requirement that a portion of EVERY family's volunteer commitment to be fulfilled by working in the concession stand. The concession stand is critical to the financial success of SPYHA - it is the most effective way to control expenses which otherwise would need to be passed on to families in the form of dues increases. In both 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons, all the profit from the previous year's concession concessions was applied directly to reducing dues!.

There is a separate volunteer buy-out for concession stand hours.  

Mite families.............15 volunteer credits, 5 of which MUST be in the concession stand

Travel families............30 volunteer credits, 10 of which MUST be in the concession stand 

Most volunteer tasks will be one hour per volunteer credit (credit to hour translation will be determined on a per case basis for skilled trade jobs/tasks like a plumber, electrician, etc.)

Volunteer Opportunities That Exist Within SPYHA:

  1. Serve as a rep for the SPYHA Board of Directors
  2. Serve as a Committee chair, co-chair or member
  3. Serve as a coach or team rep
  4. Work in concession stand or at special events (see below)
  5. Work on special projects at the rink as approved by the Volunteer Committee.

Monetary Consideration For Volunteerism:

The volunteer ‘calendar’ will run from April 1st through March 31st corresponding with each hockey season.  A ‘buy-out’ of volunteering will be allowed.   The buy-out value is determined by the highest player level for a family (e.g., a family with a squirt player and an ADM player would buy-out at the travel rate).  Families may choose to buy-out for their concession stand hours only, their regular volunteer hours, or both.  Buy-out payments must be received by the indicated payment due date.

Volunteer Hours Buy-out 2019-2020 season

Level of participation Payment due date Concession hours buyout* Regular volunteer hours buyout
Travel December 31, 2019 $150 $230

December 31, 2019




*Concession stand hours buy-out rate is $15/credit. Once the buy-out decision and payment have been made, no monies will be refunded for subsequent volunteer time.

A statement will be sent to families on or around April 1, 2020, outlining remaining volunteer time each family is responsible for with payment due by April 30, 2020. Regular volunteer hours that are not fulfilled are invoiced at a rate of $15/credit, while concession stand credits that are not fulfilled are invoiced at a rate of $20/hour.

Most volunteer hours can be claimed on the SPYHA website via the DIBS system.  After you register and login to the DIBS section of the site, you can claim volunteer jobs that fit your time, talents and schedule. These opportunities are available on a first-come, first served basis. After someone claims a job, no one else can. In order to maintain a commitment for jobs claimed, the following policy has been implemented.

Claimed but Unfulfilled Jobs
Failure to show up for a task that you signed up for will result in a monetary penalty of $30 per credit (payable within 7 days or all children from that family will be held out of SPYHA functions), and the credits will not be counted.  

If you cannot fulfill your claimed task, you are responsible for finding a qualified substitute. In case of emergency, contact the volunteer committee at

More Volunteer Ideas:

Volunteer opportunities that exist within SPYHA:

1.   Serve as a representative for the SPYHA Board of Directors (election based)

2.   Serve as a committee chair, committee co-chair or committee member

3.   Work in the concession stand or at special events (see below)

4.   Attend a board meeting and stay informed (1 credit per meeting).

5.   Other opportunities

  •     Clean, paint, general maintenance          
  •     Skilled trades (i.e. plumber, electrician, carpenter, HVAC)
  •     New Year’s Eve event
  •     Golf Outing
  •     Tier I Tournament Off-Ice Official

​Committee work:   (not all committees have openings each year due to size needs or previous commitments from members, etc.)


Annual Fundraising committee*

Communications committee*

Equipment Managers

Volunteer committee


Concessions committee*

Public relations                              

Tournament committee                                   

* denotes current need                      


Coach or team representative:

Travel Teams                                     ADM

-one head coach                                -six coaches & assistant coaches

-two assistant coaches                  -up to three team reps each level

-one team representative

Note:  SPYHA coaches must undergo background checks and USA Hockey training and be recommended by the ACE Directors and approved by the Board of Directors.  Interested potential coaches should contact the ACE Directors ( for consideration and additional information. Note that only approved coaches or student coaches are allowed on the ice for SPYHA practices/games for liability reasons. 

The Volunteering Plan was presented by the committee to the board and approved at the April 2011 board meeting.